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BMW 4 series sketch/paintover

Challenged to have a go at coming up with an alternative look to the controversial BMW 4-series' styling.

I had initially challenged myself to try to come up with an alternate design that actually kept the tall kidney grille concept at least in part, maybe make them narrower to harken back to some really classic BMWs. Unfortunately, I'm not an auto designer so unfortunately I gave up on that and went for a much more conventional Bangle era-inspired look, while trying to incorporate some design ideas from Jose Alberto Casa's work. Not entirely sure if I can really retain that clean Bimmer look either, and maybe the front end is a bit too aggressive for the the vibe of the 4-series. I don't know if it accomplishes the "bold new direction" that I still wanted to keep in spirit, or maybe we've spent a bit too long staring at the current state of the 4-series.

Oh well. Don't get into auto design, kids.