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J21 Swift

The Ikamo are an alien species in the +700 headworld, and while I have had the idea of them for a while, I hardly had established their technological aesthetic. I decided I would, with the J21 Swift gunship-fighter.

Much time was also spent working on a 3D model and drafting orthographic views in order to get the geometry just right.

Shoji ushiyama j21 flight sm

"J21 Swift", June 2017

Shoji ushiyama j21 schematic

Originally the design was to look more reminiscent of the Valley Gunship from Nausicaa, by Miyazaki. Eventually I added more angles and features, though retaining the birdlike silhouette.

Shoji ushiyama j21 model bg

A reference model I made to better grasp the perspective and form of the fighter. Much of my weapon and vehicle concept designs tend to begin with a rough 3D model.