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Pacific was a painting I did depicting the space needle, as well as a try for painting more complicated backgrounds that included foliage like trees. It took me a month to actually finish it as I was constantly picking it up and setting it back down again, somewhat afraid of botching the forest.

In order to assist me with the mood of the scene, I did mix and render a soundscape, complete with wildlife, wind, and a violin song.

Shoji ushiyama pacific sm

"Pacific", January 2017

Shoji ushiyama needle 1

I really did want to capture a shadow bleeding off the edges of the Space Needle, so I took to Blender to render some volumetric lighting effect references.

Shoji ushiyama needle 2

To achieve a greater shadow effect, I actually had to use Blender's spot lamp, instead of the sun lamp normally used for parallel light rays.

Shoji ushiyama pacific 1

The original concept sketch made in December 2016. Traveler (the deer) was on her phone instead of playing the violin. The referenced location of the scene was along the Alaskan Way Viaduct, just before passing under 1st Avenue.

Shoji ushiyama pacific 4

The final sketch, with derelict monorail towers and a more open shingle beach. The reference location had changed to the four-way intersection in front of the McGraw square.

Shoji ushiyama pacific 13

An earlier rendering of the scene before some post-processing. Looking back, I might prefer this version over the final published one.