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Athon Hypercapacitor

College project to make a replica of a hypercapacitor in +700. This one doesn't hold 50kWh sadly (or perhaps thankfully), but can charge my phone 5 times.

Sadly, the sticker printing didn't work out very well, resulting in much of the text being gone. Still, I'm quite happy with the final product.

Shoji ushiyama img 20190404 140118 bokeh
Shoji ushiyama img 0694
Shoji ushiyama img 20190118 160305 sm

Ideation sketches

Shoji ushiyama firefox 2019 04 04 14 22 52

CAD design in OnShape

Shoji ushiyama img 20190222 141831 bokeh

3D printed parts

Shoji ushiyama img 20190331 124600

Electronics assembly and wiring diagram

Shoji ushiyama img 20190331 172439