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Triton Kadote R2

While I have been doodling weapons since before I even knew what Wacom was, the Kadote was a first in how thorough the process was in producing it.

It was meant to be the Terran Federation's standard-issue rifle for its federal military forces, therefore, I wanted the weapon to look futuristic and stylised, but still somewhat recognisable as a Earthly design. Rails would be included for customisation and accessories, and a hard case would be included to serve as both protection of the rifle's innards as well as the possibility of custom paint and liveries.

Shoji ushiyama triton kadote sm

Triton Kadote R2 combat rifle, final render. February 2017

A test render for the hybrid sight, achieved through Blender Cycles. It was mostly an exploration of the engine and never really got finalised or formally published. The render was done early, thus the rather bare materials used.

Shoji ushiyama triton kadote profile internal

A lot of the criticism I often got when designing these weapons were ergonomics, so I took more care in implementing them. The orange denotes the railgun barrel, and the red represents the location of the horizontal magazine.

Shoji ushiyama triton kadote render comp

A test render for an original composition layout of the final render, showing the magazine in better detail as well as the railgun "cores" that are fired. I could not get the cloth and lighting to work though, so I settled with floating-in-the-void.

Shoji ushiyama triton kadote render coverless

An older render during the modelling stage. The case and sights had been hidden so I could work on bevelling and smoothing of certain surfaces and edges.